Dear Friends,

Due to a broken foot, I will not be teaching yoga for 8 weeks. Because it is summer and attendance is low I will begin anew September 3. So sorry to have to do this but I will need to stay in one place and limit excessive movement. Please call me with any questions.

All counseling sessions will be held as usual in Littleton, and on Mondays we are available in Leominster. All Wednesday afternoon and evening sessions are held for the next 8 weeks in Littleton.

Thank you so much for you’re understanding. I will be back in business in no time. You can count on that!



As a therapist teaching people how to work their mind and manage emotions for many years, it was apparent to Sally Sacks that the body, mind and spirit are connected and as humans we need to nurture all aspects of ourselves for optimal mental health. And so was born Eden Road Yoga, a movement studio that teaches yoga classes with a therapeutic twist. All classes are small and personal and geared toward optimal physical and mental health. In yoga we incorporate hypnosis and stress management techniques to set goals and change negative patterns, combined with easy and challenging movements for everybody. Music is also an integral part of the classes at Eden Road. If you want to manage emotions such as stress, anxiety, depression, get in shape, and really enjoy music and movement, then this is the class for you!

Eden Road Yoga




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